Hi, I'm Ted Hawkins, I like to get out as much as possible to various places. I'm a retired graphic designer and web developer who took up travel blogging to prevent me from going stir crazy.

What I like to do
  • twf-1.jpg Walk trails when possible.
  • Go to smaller towns and cities.
  • Spend time in a place and get to know people.
  • Experience the unusual, but not for the sake of things like eating live squid etc.
  • Take time to sit on a hill or mountain side and stare.
  • Visit old places that reek of history, but not necessarily touristy.
  • Take photographs, write up places and mess around with Perl code (this website is driven by a Perl blog engine I wrote).

Things I won't do
  • Get drunk. I rarely finish off one bottle of beer (usually get bored about halfway through).
  • Visit huge cities unless I have to go through them to somewhere smaller.
  • Travel on the seriously cheap and nasty airlines.
  • I have no desire to go to Asia.

Basically I'm artistic and as a result can go off in strangely mutated directions, at the mention of certain words. I'll surface about three weeks later wondering, "how on earth did I get here?" Which can prove interesting on occasion.

How it works
Any place I visit must have, excellent public transportation there and back—or I will not give it a second thought.

If somewhere is good, I'll say so. If not, I'll trash it, so you won't waste your time on the place. It's no good saying a town is "wonderful" when it is not, just to get traffic to your blog.

Note: Wildlife posts are no longer on Simian Circles. They have been moved to my Polysyllabic grunts blog.

Sep 06, 2017
Due to increased problems with my spine, travel may be extremely limited or stopped. Only time will tell.

Mar 13, 2018
After 10 months of not being getting around very well, I was finally able to complete several walks without pain in January 2018. Since then more footfalls on street and trails have been and are being made. I'm planning to head toward the Basque Country in June, all going well.

Hi, I'm Ted Hawkins, I like to get out as much as possible to various places. more...

Some countries in some years.
Numbers don't impress me.

Xarma Hostel, Pamplona


Kaplan Hotel, Jerusalem

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