Italy is a place of differences, from the Alps down to Sicily and a wide range of places to visit.

Italy, a different perspective

flo0.jpg  Flying from London City Airport is nice. It's small and so are the planes. The flight...
Mar 11, 2016

Cerreto Guidi

cgu2.jpg  Maybe it was the rain, then again it might have been the hordes of tourists, but...
Mar 28, 2016

Bagno A Ripoli

bgo1.jpg  It was winter, cold, wet and Florence full of tourists. I had two weeks to kill...
Apr 07, 2016

Afternoon in Siena

sie1.jpg  It is very easy to reach Siena from Florence. I decided to use the intercity bus...
Apr 26, 2016


fie1.jpg  This little town, almost a village, is just outside of Florence. You can get there by...
Apr 27, 2016

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