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Google, mobiles and my blog

gmy.jpg  The basic plans were made. I had bought my ticket, to have in hand ready for...
Nov 10, 2015

All I wanted was an image

grail.jpg  A few years ago, as I was updating the code for the blog, I needed to...
Sep 19, 2016

Perl blog software

prl1.jpg  Today the term website has almost been replaced by the word blog. Most are run by...
Jan 21, 2017

Hassles of a system failure

hsf.jpg  Once out of bed and morning coffee in hand, I turned on my PC to check...
Apr 21, 2018

Travel Blogs

tbl.jpg  I sat looking at my website pages on my PC's local testbed server. The more I...
Oct 27, 2011

Is social networking worth it?

som.jpg  A year or so back I spent some time on a forum that is about blogging....
Oct 11, 2014

Commentluv and stuff

clv.gif  A lot of blogs use a thing called commentluv. I could whip up a little bit...
Jan 09, 2015

Good reason to avoid forums

fmz.jpg  I'm not the greatest of programmers, so on occasion I go to a forum for the...
Feb 15, 2015

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