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Traveling around to various places does present a few problems now and then. One of them is getting a decent shave and not having to carry a bunch of stuff to do that with.

I wear a partial beard, but still have to keep the old skin smooth on the rest of my face and neck. At home I have a Braun, which (to be quite honest) is rubbish—the holes on the foil are too small and it has no real power. So during the process of kitting myself out, I decided to see what Panasonic have to offer.

Enter the Panasonic ES3831, Wet/Dry, Travel Shaver.

No matter what the shaver, it had to be lightweight, battery powered and not take up very much room in my backpack. I bought the little wet-dry Panny and stuck 2 batteries in and tried it out. I had a better shave in a third the time of the Braun—off of batteries yet.

!8 months later, I am still using the same set of batteries! These things just keep on going.

I used the shaver on both journeys to Spain and Portugal, plus a few around the UK, where I live. Also I've begun using it at home as well and still it does a fantastic job. The battery management on the Panasonic is great. I have no idea just how long these batteries are going to last. I do remove them after each shave, that helps.

Do I recommend it? Definitely. The thing is very easy to clean and I reckon that it's probably one of the best buys I've made.

PS: Had fun doing the first image. Pulled an old advertising trick out of the hat, been years.
Dec 01, 2014

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