Commentluv and stuff

A lot of blogs use a thing called commentluv. I could whip up a little bit of code to do the same thing here—but won't. Why?

After spending a little while looking around, it seems there are sites where you can post a comment on hundreds of thousands of blogs, which use the WordPress commentluv plug-in. They usually read like this, "Great post". SEO sites do this to drive traffic to their blog.

I don't get a lot of visitors and even less comments. Maybe I should do that too for a while but I'd rather read another blog and post a comment about the post, so'll give it a miss.

There are always those out to make a quick buck at the expense of other people. Scam artists basically. For a few years it was called, Free for All (and indeed it was). You got fed up with the silly people and their idiotic ideas. The same lot are probably the SEO crowd.

So, instead, I just have a place on the comment form, where a person can type in a link to their site—that means they have to actually come to my blog to do that.

I've just updated my blog scripts to a newer (but smaller and faster) one. I'm finishing things off in it and wondered what else I could do. One thing is it will generate a live XML sitemap and I'll be able to let the main search engines know by a simple click. The Feed is staying, but things like Feedburner and Google Blog Search are dead in the water (just haven't sunk yet), so have given up on Ping services (don't work anyways from what I see) etc.
Jan 09, 2015

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