Dreary Winter walk

The gloom began at dawn, announcing it's intention to saturate the day with dreariness and daring anyone to enter the awaiting morass. By mid afternoon it had increased to an atmospheric depression that you could almost touch. I'd nearly finished coding a lightweight version of my blog software and was fed up. I wanted out.
A short siesta saw me awake and look out the window at the thing which had attempted to call itself a day and decided to head out a few stations down the line to put some distance under my feet. Recent cold weather had taken its toll on me, my legs needed to move and feet feel dirt under them again.

Stuffing my bridge camera into my Jeep backpack, along with a pair of lightweight gloves and a bottle of water, I set forth. No intention at all of recording anything, just putting a few miles behind me to try and shake the state of day.
The light of afternoon was drawing to a close, with only about an hour and a half of daylight left. By now the dreariness had set in with people wrapped up under their hoods putting one slothful step in front of another. I was leaving the station, hoping there might be a shop nearby.

A lady with her little boy, probably about 5 years old, was asked for its location. The boy, unaffected by the weather, said cheerfully, "down that way"—with a big grin that he was able to help someone. I thanked him and headed in the direction he had said, my spirit was lifted a little by his manner. Just what I needed.

Eventually I found the place and bought what I wanted, then headed out toward the trail. It's not very long and after a small hill I was on top of another. This kind of weather is strange. I don't remember seeing it anywhere but England. A peculiar grayness to everything. Gray sky, gray air but thanks to a little kid I reckoned that the gray walk would actually do me good and proceeded back toward a previous station to grab the next transport home.
At one stage a puddle was ahead of me and a bird landed. I froze, it needed to drink. I stood there while the black feathered crow had it's fill, looked at me and flew away. The landscape presented nothing spectacular, but I managed to take 3 photo's, just in case.

Nothing really happened and I'm not even sure why I wrote this up, other than out of boredom, but there we are. A dreary winter's day walk, in an unimportant location and nothing more to report.
Feb 13, 2017

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Agness of eTramping
Stunning pictures! Love this place!
Apr 07, 2017 at 0932

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