Early Spring and a lot of mud

Every Spring deserves a blog post. This one is a bit different. After over 30 days of ice and snow, followed by torrential rain, the ground is saturated and oozing out all over the place. Spring has begun and it's early, not even April yet. However: the morning was sunny, about 40 degrees and I decided to do a short trek in a nature reserve because it has every kind of terrain you can imagine and is a great place to get back in shape on, even if it means a ride on the rails to reach it.
I have never done a very early Spring thing before, usually the hikes and subsequent articles are in late April or May. Easter is looming and so to avoid all the silliness and forecast rain, here is a bit of sunshine. I had bought a pair of cheap boots (30 UKP), knowing they will only last a couple of months, because the combat boots I would like are 5 times the price.
Hardly any flowers are out and only a very few trees have blossom. This was it, I saw no others.

Did I mention mud, of course I did, the horrible stuff is all over the place. Puddles the size of small ponds, not very deep so they provided a good test of the waterproof capabilities of the boot which was successful and my feet stayed dry (big surprise that).
It's about 25 feet to the turn end and there was almost as much more afterwards. Yes, I walked through it. I reckoned my boots would get less muddy.

Believe me, that ground is not level!

This hike saw me doing a lot of off trail work. I had my Leki pole with me to test the ground under all that growth, some parts dropped as much as 2 feet, so the pole came in real handy.

My leg muscles let me know that I was doing something out of the ordinary as well as my ankles complaining a little at all the work. That made me realize just how out of shape I am. With long range weather forecasts of a lot of rain, my new waterproof trousers will also come in handy.

Now, watch it be dry after all this expense and not blinkin' well rain when I'm out.
Mar 29, 2018

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Oh well Carrie, we'll just blame it on the groundhog.
Apr 02, 2018 at 0832
Carrie Rubin
Good for you for getting out there! I tend to delay my daily outside walks until the temperature requires I wear the lightest of coats. Unfortunately, my neck of the woods isn't there yet. I keep waiting... Meanwhile, I get my daily walk on my treadmill while I read.
Mar 29, 2018 at 1906

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