Following the seasons

A short ways from me is a nature reserve that's very handy. Not for the wildlife, that's just some birds, but for the assortment of trails and the like where I can get back into shape without breaking the bank. The terrain there covers virtually everything I could encounter on other hikes and then some.

Once I was able to get around better, it was the best place to go. There are quite a few trails, plus a road with various coverings. Circumference walk is a little over 2 miles, adding the other routes onto that I can do quite a few miles, double if I repeat it all (gets boring after a while though). There's so much in the place that I thought I would take some photo's at various times to cover winter through to summer.
A cold January day.

Late winter, in mid March. The first blooms.

This is after a week of high temperatures in Mid April. The trail will be completely overgrown in a month or so.

May is the time of real changes. The trees are in near full leaf and ground cover is having the time of it's life. Temperatures were in the high 70's and with the nice sunny weather, the nature reserve was full of people out for the afternoon. Normally when I walk here, I'm the only one. This day there were dozens of locals out with their dogs, kids and friends. An added plus was a Mallard with her recently hatched ducklings.
They usually lay around 12 eggs, which means 5 ducklings have been lost to predators. She'll probably end up with 3, maybe.

Mid-summer day and everything's there.

By high summer (July) a lot has happened. Not exactly the same spot, but close enough.

I found the place where I took the first photo, on a cold January day. Now that it's July, you can see the difference. Some of the trails I walked back in winter are completely overgrown and you cannot see anything below your waist. The temperatures have soared into the high 80's and low 90's.

. . . . . . . .

Traveling to a new location is one thing, repetitive wandering around a place you're used to can get boring (to say the least), but looking at things from a different perspective brings out the details you often miss through familiarity.
Aug 06, 2018

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