Galaxy S2 and trip assessment

I finally took the plunge and bought me a new smartphone. Rather than brand new one, a Samsung Galaxy S2 was decided on because it fits my pocket easier. Then there was the summer.

My old Galaxy Mini works fine and the Gingerbread OS is brilliant for my purposes, but there are some things I want to do and if that can be done with a single unit, then so much the better. I just need more real estate.

Hopefully I shall be able to do a couple trips while in the UK. For that I leave my laptop at home. A camera, phone and the cheap tablet to write notes on were in mind to use. However, if I had a phone that was larger, then I could dispense with the tablet.

The first one I bought was a Motorola Moto G. Brand new, latest model. The operating system Lollipop stunk and the screen was awful—got a refund. Maybe Moto G's in other countries are fine, but not here (the same stands for HTC's—which is why I gave the M8 a miss). A near perfect Galaxy S2 I9100, was picked up for nearly half the price of the Moto G.

It's very light, thin and more slippery than an iPhone (didn't think that was possible), so I bought a protective cover, which makes it lot easier to hold.

I can make notes with Jota Text easily and surprise, surprise—I can save images in 6 different sizes (learn the lesson, Apple). They're not too bad either, even better when the settings are done. So for quickies it'll work as a camera. I'm going to need a better battery though because the current one is a bit old.

Summer trip assessment
All things considered, the two months in the Basque Country were well worth it. Even though I had to fight off Pneumonia (caught from some pilgrim) and had a urinary tract infection from the portable WC's at the Bull Ring, I enjoyed nearly every minute of it.

I had a great place to stay for a very reasonable price, when you think that to cover the whole San Fermin would've cost me well over two grand (at normal SF prices). Check out the Basque Country posts about it all (there are some more on the way). I renewed one friendship and made a couple of others.
One thing I did this trip, was take my old little Leica/Lumix with me. After the overhaul, it worked great and I reckon the shots taken are up to spec. The main thing was, I could carry it hidden in my pocket, whip it out take a shot and return it so it was safe. Having some great DSLR or Bridge camera hanging off you during the San Fermin, makes you a target for the thieves.

I missed out on at least 3 towns and the desert south of Pamplona due to the two illnesses, but then that's part of being a travel blogger (at least I didn't have an intestinal parasite). A return is in mind, depending out how the current health situation works out, but that will be out of season.
Sep 10, 2015

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