Goodbye, Farewell but not amen

It's interesting what silly situations can result in events moving as easily as a door on its hinges. Nothing of value comes easily. It takes a lot of effort to achieve the important things in life. We have to remind ourselves to rise to the occasion and see it through.

The last several years have certainly fulfilled that. The journeys and destinations have proven interesting, to say the least. Some were great, some were boring, others frustrating and few quite dangerous. I've made some friends along the way and learned a lot. Nearly all of it recorded on this blog.

Why the blog?

I would travel with or without it, but found it an impetus to step out of the humdrum and get on the road at first. Lately I have been considering the next step and what to do. Some of that has been spurred on by extreme pain and the rest by the current digital climate. I personally could care less about spasmodic search engines and never really became involved with social media with all it's hype. It seems that the "travel blog" concept has become a thing everyone thinks they ought to do, whether they ever leave home or not. To be quite honest, I find most of them boring—doing the same old ego travelling.

Finally thoughts began to gel and the idea has settled into another sphere. I will still get out on the road whenever possible and even write about it, but not for everyone. A new blog is in the offing. It will have thematic posts and be purely private: for family, friends, some fellow travelers and the few who might like to apply for a subscription (current subscribers will be retained).

The Simian Circles blog posts will still be here, though comments will be turned off and no new posts made.

It's had a good run and the time has come to say farewell.


So, to all my readers and everyone out there: take my advice,
pull down your pants and slide on the ice.
(Sydney Freedman, M*A*S*H)

. . . . . . .

Dec 14, 2018

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Thanks Alison
Dec 14, 2018 at 2052
Goodbye and Good luck and Thank you for the fun times , may your path be smooth and your problems be small and friends be found along your way
Dec 14, 2018 at 1950

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