Hassles of a system failure

Once out of bed and morning coffee in hand, I turned on my PC to check my email. This happens every morning and so nothing was really thought about it. After all, I do this every day

Upon returning to the computer it had the start up screen and was frozen. I couldn't turn it off normally and so did a hard shut down. The same thing happened after reboot. My system had, for some unfathomable reason, blown out totally. This had never happened to me before with Windows. My first computers were Apple MAC's and once in a while they would crash, but rebuilding them was easy (I could drag and drop the entire system from a CD with all my software on and it would work, every time).
I run Windows 7 Professional on my desktop and little laptop. I like Windows, it's well integrated and as long as you stay within its parameters it runs fine, no problems. The machine had a recovery deal built in, so I ran it. Not having done that before I was stuck as it did a complete wipe of my main hard disk and re-installed the operating system. This would mean re-installing all my software. Files etc., are on a separate drive, so I didn't lose any of those.

Then came the crunch. Microsoft have stopped Windows Live Mail, which I used and liked. When I first bought the PC, it didn't have a built in Email Client and someone said use a package named Thunderbird. A Thunderbird is a small bird that flies in the front of a huge storm. You get them in the mid-western portion of the United States. Like its namesake, the Email software was just as bad an omen. I did a test email and within 30 minutes had 5 spam emails. I had never received spam at all in near on 20 years.

A quick check and I found that Thunderbird comes out of the Linux community. Linux computers are responsible for near on 95% of all website cracks and malware planting. Had I known, I would not have touched this package with a 10 foot barge pole. I uninstalled it. The spam grew worse and after a thorough investigation, I found that Thunderbird had installed 2 small programs, deep inside my System folder, which broadcast my email address to spam bots. I had to shut down that email address (I was getting hundreds of spam mails per day).

Here we go again

After the recovery installation of Windows 7 and the news that Live Mail no longer could be obtained, I set out searching for a new Email client that would work with my system. There are several available and I tried them all. One (Mailbird) had a virus, that AVG didn't pick up at first, so was quickly abandoned. Opera Mail was sort of a weak okay, but I ended up with one named Sylpheed which is tons better and free.

Some of you received an Email from me about consolidating all my mail into one address. I was going to do this anyway, just not because of a wipe out.

This took over a week to get it all back up and running to the place I'm happy with it. Now I can get on with the important stuff.
Apr 21, 2018

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