Is social networking worth it?

A year or so back I spent some time on a forum that is about blogging. A lot of what I saw was people trying to make money. The one theme that seemed to be foremost, was the instance of being on as many social media networks as possible.

I wondered just how many hours a day they spend doing stuff on the Internet and various networks in hopes of making what is more than likely a fast buck. On and on they went, ad nauseum. Past experience of this kind of endeavour has shown that is more wishful thinking than reality.

There are those who are not into this mindset. They use the social media in conjunction with their lifestyle and work (most income is from other sources).
The other side of the coin on this subject is the value of communicating with those you know. This comes into play especially well when you are on the other side of the world from your family or friends.

Photos are easily shared among your immediate circle of peers, as is your latest news. While email would work almost as well, the upside of something like Facebook is that you don't have to email 20 people—just post it on your page and that's it. For this kind of communication, then social networking is worth the effort.

There does seem to be an element of obsessiveness which can creep in though. Especially when you are not at work and there is no boss to tell you to get on with the more important things (like washing those dishes that are beginning to see left over food crawl off the plate).

For myself, I have little inclination to ever get involved with any social network. Not because I don't like people, but I'd rather speak face to face or on the phone as it is more personal. Then I have more true interaction than just whacking out something on a keyboard, especially as I did that for a living when designing and developing websites for near on 20 years.
Oct 11, 2014

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Hi Pete, I'm starting to be of the opinion that Google is getting too big for its britches.

Just had a go round with them that my blog software has to be written primarily for smartphones. After a couple days trashed all the work and just changed a few fixed width things to percentages, resubmitted it and it was accepted. You can't even get GMail now unless you have a smartphone.

Not fussed about ranking as this isn't a blog that I make a living from (most aren't).
I'm also not a fan of social media. I don't have a personal Facebook or Twitter account. I grabbed the backtotravel ones in preparation for promoting my site but I haven't really explored using them yet. I recently attended an SEO course that showed me Google data which suggested social media links currently form around 5% (and rising) of total page rank/ link profile. I think for anyone looking to rank in Google or monetize their site, social media is becoming essential. Sad but true.
Who buys the beer? Them or you? Smile
I hate it, too, was one of the last bloggers to come over to Twitter and Facebook. Hate to admit, but Facebook has facilitated so many great friendships for me now. It's been a good way to keep up with people on the road. I turn up in Hanoi, update my new location, and inevitably someone will ping me to go get a beer! :-)