Kazam Trooper X3.5

Thought I'd resurrect this blog. I reckoned it might as well be topical for me and the most recent thing is a smartphone that I just bought. It's called the Kazam Trooper and is their X3.5 model.

These things are appalling. At least I got it as a store was going broke and they sold it for just over cost.

I tried to delete an image and it took 10 minutes of touching, clearing and restarting before it was gone. The touch screen is awful. Had I known the company is UK based—I wouldn't have even considered buying it.

The Samsung?
Repaired that for under 15 UKP. Somewhere along the line after smashing the Mini, the battery got thrown out so a screen and battery had to be purchased. Easy enough to fix, but the supposed "new" screen was used and has some dead pixels down in the bottom right hand corner, no worries though. It works good—total opposite of the Kazam (maybe they should try publishing comic books instead of making smartphones).
Sep 19, 2014

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