Lightweight tripod

I have a bridge camera which is great in regards to it's Intelligent Auto and anti shudder. Good images by hand are fine, but a full sized tripod would've come in handy a couple times. So to find one that weighs under a pound and a half, was a real treat.

My Leica/Lumix isn't too heavy and I already have a small tripod by Cullmann (it's 1/2lb) for some usage. However, there have been a few times that I wished a full sized one was in my backpack. I think the name of this is z4. It's dirt cheap, made of alloy and is 1.5lbs with my extra mount and the carry bag.

Fully extended and the legs still stable, I can be 58.5 inches to the top of my add on Jessop's mount. The z4 mount isn't all that great, but the extra couple inches with the add on, has the camera just below eye level. That means I don't have to bend over in some convoluted position to see the screen or through the viewfinder.

Sure this thing might break easily, but I rarely use them. It's just good to know I can take it with me on a shoot where I know it will come in handy. Cost, about $16.
Sep 20, 2014

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Hi Ray, I have a mini Gorilla for my small camera, works a treat. When I do manage to take the FX18 on a longer trip a Cullmann Magnestic Copter is taken - though the anti-shudder on the Leica/Lumix's is so good I hardle use it except if a time shot is involved.
I have a bridge camera, as well (Sony Cybershot DSC-XH100V), and I recently purchased one of those Gorilla tripods that extreme adventurers buy for their Go Pros.

At $55 CDN, it is a bit pricey, but it meets my travel photography and travel vlogging needs. It's both lightweight and customizable for taking excellent photos from unusual angles.

But with your purchase, you really can't go wrong for a $16 tripod. All the best with your tripod photography experiments!