Ophelia's sky

Not quite Trautschold's painting of a beauty dancing through the woods. No, this Ophelia swung by, began trashing Ireland and did some very weird things to our sky in London.
It was about 3pm as I stood on the balcony watching the phenomenon unfold before my eyes. Some dust from the Sahara had decided to thumb it's way northward to see what the Emerald Isle looked like. Obviously, being what it is by nature, it sort of managed to get itself spread out over a few thousand square circular miles.

Bit by bit the entire sky became this sort of reddish yellow. The Sun, in some places appeared red, but ours was more tinted by the sky color. At 3:30pm the whole place had become dark enough for the streetlights to turn on.
This is the sky at 3pm

It's rare to have other than the usual blah grey, dull weather, sky here and I reckoned it was worth a photo. My smartphone just could not handle this and so I grabbed the Leica/lumix bridge camera that I was going to get rid of (but didn't have the heart), to take the shot.

It is also odd that this day is the 30th anniversary of a bad hurricane that smashed the British Isles in 1987. That, we bore the brunt of where I live and couldn't get out of town for a bit because of thousands of trees laying across all the roads.
Oct 16, 2017

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