Park and drizzle

Every time I went out for a foul weather trek, the sun came out and made it all nice. Trouble is I didn't really want that, I needed to go through a barrier.

Finally a day arrived with miserable, dark grey skies and a drizzle that soaked everything. There was enough of a wind to make it uncomfortable—it was truly dismal, so out I went. Nothing special and the place itself is of no consequence.

With the fine rain going up my nose and inside my glasses (I took them off after about a hundred yards), I headed toward the large park from the train station. Even my knees were damp and the concrete more noticeable as I walked along the seemingly endless sidewalk. Eventually a very small sign pointed to the place. My thoughts were, "Oh, here we go again, lousy signage".


It took a while once in before the asphalt gave way to softer ground.
Dirt, hee-hee


Soft gave way to hard pebbled path as I aimed toward the slight glow where the sun should be (I was heading south and it was just past noon).

pdr7.jpgDid I mention lousy signage? The first one meant nothing. Had I followed it, I would have probably walked around in a large circle. The second is pure guess work, like what on earth does it mean, not a clue—maybe I had a choice to go up a tree or down in the weeds (for goodness sake—come on people).
Finally I saw the end and a road. Nearby was a bus stop where I dried my face and hands off. Then I waited for a ten minute late bus to the nearest rail station.

It all happened on this trek. Terrible weather, no signs to speak of, aching legs from walking on concrete and not very good public transport. However, I had gone through the barrier needed to force me out of my comfort zone and get back in better shape again. No doubt future trips will be worse because already areas are getting flooded and icy.
Nov 27, 2015

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