Pre Spring Trek

A totally overcast sky with little definition and about a 12 mph wind greeted me as I stepped off the train. Spring is letting us know it will arrive shortly, but not yet here.

I had been to this place before, about 2 years ago and posted it on my old blog. This time, though, it was not intended for that, just so I could begin getting back into shape. One outing was a short couple of miles to test cameras. This was just to see how well I did with a 5-6 lb pack.

Yes, the sky really did look like that.

The first 3 miles were nothing special. I took a photo of the church building and wandered around the town looking for a place to buy a sandwich. I did eventually find the little shop, but this was Monday and it did not open until Thursday. So I set out on the rest of the journey, hoping to arrive about 2 hours later.

With the wind behind me it was fairly easy going, boring but at least I was out. The field of Lavender was about the nearest thing to qualify as different. Not much to look at, but then nothing was.

The dreariness of the weather encompassed everything. Plus it was very humid, not raining though. This doesn't help when the temperature is around 50 degrees with a cold wind.

At the three quarter mark (only 2 1/2 more miles to go), I was greeted by a barrier. It was across a public road and barred my way. Some company had decided to take over the road and stop everyone but it's own people. I had to walk back 3 miles to that town's rail station.

The last week has seen dry, windy days and the ground was very hard and uneven. A little slip at one stage, let me know that I probably had taken on too much. I limped the last mile to the station and boarded a train 25 minutes later.

Arriving home, my calf muscles were screaming, my right hip socket sending sporadic messages of sharp pain and I was otherwise pleasantly tired. This was the first real trek since last July, when I crushed my disk.

Five miles would have been enough, but near on 9 was just a little bit over the top.
Mar 16, 2015

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