Short canal tramp

Earlier, in Spring, I had a bit of time so thought a short walk along a canal might be in store. The section of the Grand Union Canal wasn't all that far, so headed toward it.

What can I say about these things? They have straight edges with water in-between and once in a while a narrow boat goes by.

The Spring bluebells were out. Noticed these enroute.

Locks are there to move the canal boats up or down to the next water level. Time consuming.

This is what it looks lke inside a drained one.
Needs a bit of a clean up I'd say.

For the most part walking along side a canal is quite boring. Hey, it's just a strip of water and not much else.

This particular offering broke up the monotony. The owners spent a lot of effort on their spring floral display (and the fact that it was clean instead of needing a lot of attention).

Unless a canal can present something better than this, I doubt very much whether I will waste much time on them again (I'll leave that up to the TV people). They might be good for a link between trails in some places though. The exercise did me good—covered around 8 miles total.
Jun 28, 2015

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