Sometimes it gets boring

I suppose this applies to a lot of places in the world. You hike through the countryside and it looks the same. After a while it can get quite boring. You know what I mean?

When I'm in England I like to get out of filthy London and see an horizon without the concrete, brick and grime. So I head for places which don't have that. Often I'll be walking a trail and sit on a hillside for a bit.

My eyes are looking at almost the same thing I saw two months ago, in another part of the country. You've seen one English landscape, you've seen them all. Yet, each one does have it's little differences.

No idea what it is. But, even though it's concrete, I sat down and had lunch there. The rest is the normal blah.

I'm always looking for the out of the ordinary. It could be an unusual building, an old ruin or odd bits of what's in front of me—that are strange or out of place. Like in the Hemispheric Straddle post where I was surrounded by all the moss.

The wood was well, the wood, but this almost naked tree caught my eye. Trouble is I took the foto with my Samsung smartphone and this is the best I could do.

Most villages are pretty much the same (the church, the green and the pub). This clock tower is unique. Probably the only one like it in the whole world.

If a person has grown up in Cambodia, near Angkor Wat, then to them it is boring. They've seen it all their lives. We travel to these kind of places because, to us, they are different. Smoke from the food stands tiny fires. The smell of the spices in the little stalls. People wearing colorful clothing. Houses held up, by long wooden poles, etc-etc.

A water fountain in Pamplona, Spain.
The water tasted good.

Each country has it's own 'presence' and architectural style. Our eyes crave for the out of "our normal" and senses for something other. I am no exception.
Apr 01, 2015

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