Sort of flood control

There are times when you wish that it would be different. Traveling between towns or arriving and finding that an event has taken place that you didn't know about. You had planned something and were looking forward to it, then the Burns effect happened.

A number of trips and treks began well, but either on the way or upon arrival I was greeted with a lot of water. One hike turned into a bit of a mess as my feet sank into a pasture, which had been flooded a week before, but I didn't know about it (the best laid plans of mice and men). My feet got kind of wet.

Another rail journey saw the potential gloom, but enroute the devastation was much worse than reckoned upon. Yet we managed to get through, during which I remembered that dangerous journey in 1971.
The River Thames in flood.

I even went to a flood area and stood on the bit of high ground watching the raging river do its damage to somewhere I knew of. It reminded me of the time when I was a kid in Columbus, Ohio. The river burst its banks and we lived in a suburb which was higher. The water almost surrounded us and there was this helpless feeling, nothing could be done about it—except wait.

An interesting little flood

Heavy rain had taken its toll and the result could be seen in a variety of ways, The muddy trail by-passed or was covered with large puddles. Some were almost pond like in size and one larger area was quite flooded. A small sort of stream beside it was swollen with water and at one point I saw how the flood had breeched an edge to begin draining into the stream
It appeared that normally one could walk across the concrete thing into the area, which is very rough ground. Whether or not a trail was under the results of the deluge, I don't know, I just stood watching the run off happen. Then decided to take a photo of it.

I knew we'd seen a lot of rain, but was a bit unprepared for the scene. It wasn't bad, in the sense that homes had been flooded and people displaced, but just interested me at the time.
Nov 01, 2018

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