Spring is On

It was Easter Monday, the temperature in the mid fifties and I was a bit bored. Deciding to make this my Spring post seemed a good idea. So out I went.

The thought in mind was to find some wildlife this time. Oh well, so much for that idea. Near me is a large nature reserve and the nearest thing to wild are the birds on the lake.

I must make this different, but how?


There were a lot of Geese on the lake so decided to concentrate on them. They, um, floated a lot.

But not all the time.

Many seemed to enjoy splashing water around. Other water birds weren't all that particularly keen on them doing that, so kept their distance.

There were quite a few people about. Mostly, walking dogs or with their kids enjoying the sunshine and warmer weather.

Did I say warmer, well a bit. As I headed toward the reserve my fleece was off within a few minutes. On the way back was a different story. The wind was coming straight out of the North and dropped the temperature by 10 degrees—the fleece went back on in a hurry.

As a teenager, I began some photography. My Dad was very good at that, so I quickly learned. The one thing I wanted to do was shoot wildlife.

I got me a really nice piece of Hickory wood and did a drawing to make it into a rifle stock. Instead of a gun, a long telephoto lens and trigger contraption to attach a cable release onto was planned. Dad (a Lt. Col.) said I couldn't go tramping around in the wild by myself. So the hickory went in the trash and I turned my attention elsewhere.

Wildlife Photography
I've kept my FZ18 bridge camera for such a purpose. I don't need to mount the lens on a stock, it just zooms out and does a good job (though I wish I could stop the blur on wings flapping). Trouble is, England's wildlife is kinda limited (just a tiny little bit). Maybe, if I get time this summer, I'll try to find some wild boar. Birds get dull very fast. Of course, there are those bears in Northern Spain....
Apr 10, 2015

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