Tall Ships Festival 2017

Earlier this year, I heard that a Tall Ships festival was taking place in London's Greenwich, the thought of seeing all those old sailing vessels drew me to the place. Looking forward to it, I set out with great expectations. There were supposed to be 30 or 40 ships there.
It takes quite a while for me to reach Greenwich. Trains, stations and the Docklands Light Railway finally had me walking out near the Cutty Sark. This particular ship is known to me, not from seeing it, but because my great-grandfather (on my mother's side) was a member of its crew. I stopped for a photo and then tried to find the tall ships.

The whole object of a Tall Ships Festival is to see a bunch of these things, however this London. The whole day turned into a major flop. There were not 30 to 40 ships as advertised, but about a dozen and they were not all at Greenwich (just a handful).
This is what they call 30-40 ships!

I finally found an official who said the rest were at Woolwich, miles away, down the river Thames. So I set out and caught a bus to Woolwich. I ended up having to walk about another mile once there. Yet again—misinformation (seems to be a national character trait here that has infected the whole world). The rest, hah! Only about half a dozen were in Woolwich! What is it with you people, are you living in cloud cuckooland or something?
This was in Woolwich.
They want to sail that across the North Atlantic? In Spring!

The Greenwich Tall Ships Festival sucked and I wasn't the only one there who thought that. A few photos were taken but that's all. I won't even consider something like this in London again, like nearly everything else there it would just be a waste of time.

However, should they ever all assemble in a coastal town with a single harbor, then that would be a different story.
Oct 07, 2017

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