The worst buy I've ever made

You've done it. Gone out thinking that what you are buying is going to be worthwhile and you'll get some good mileage off the thing. A few weeks later you stand in front of the mirror shouting at yourself for being so stupid, know what I mean?

Over the past five odd years, quite a number of items have been purchased to use on or for my travels. Some have been well worth the effort, others are okay (sort of) and the passable items that could have been done without. Then there are those which have been a waste of money and, of course, the absolute rock bottom one.
Not quite the worst, but attempting to gualify.

The Tab 4 is sort of okay, when it's not doing weird things. The USB port is very iffy and drops out too easily when I connect an OTG cable to it. Sometimes it freezes in the middle of editing a blog entry and battery life is kinda poor—but it wasn't as bad as some things I've spent money on.

Other stuff has been really great. Both my Leica/Lumix cameras, the Jeep backpack and the Mountain Warehouse one that I've carried comfortably all over Europe without a glitch. My little grey laptop bag that is also used as a day bag constantly.

A pair of Merrell Moab GTX shoes have carried me well over a thousand miles, on all kinds of terrain, and the heels are hardly worn. In comparison, the UK Hi-Tec ones didn't even last 250 miles. A little white cool bag has served me well for storing perishable food when in hostels and refrigerators that are crammed with other peoples stuff as well—it only cost me 2 UKP.

Keeping my eyes protected are the Global Vision Hercules: unbreakable, bullet proof, wrap around sunglasses - man are these tough. Great in winds, easy on the eyes and I can put them in my backpack, without worrying about them falling to pieces like my Ray-Bans did.

Now, here it comes...
Absolutely the worst buy I've ever made
Imagine a pair of boots that at first appear really good. A short walk, hmmm, okay, let's go for it. Mud like you've never seen before—but something was wrong.

Stabiity? Not on your life—and your life could depend on that. Comfortable? Consider wearing concrete boots that when your heels hit the ground, the shock travels all the way up your legs and kicks you in the hips. The insert was awful.

Totally unstable, I only wore them twice and sprained an ankle each time! These cost nearly 50% more than my Merrell's (which are very stable and have hiked some dangerous trails with).
Brasher Supalite
Had I used these, I would probably not be here to write this post. After the second outing (which I cut short because of these things), I went home, took a scalpel, slashed them so no one else would suffer and tossed them in the nearest dumpster.

Years ago (before blogs) I did a lot of off trail stuff and wore combat boots. They were very stable and I covered quite a bit of ground. They protected my lower legs and never gave me any trouble, I should have done the same instead of wasting a ton of money on total rubbish.

I've learned my lesson now and will only buy boots that are for combat or made in and for other countries. Sure they may cost a little more (mainly shipping), but I know I have good quality and trustworthy footwear.

What about you? What was your worst buy?

Oct 13, 2018

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Brasher Supalite, you have to roll over the image for that Frank.

Looks as though you really like Lviv. Gonna move there?
Oct 14, 2018 at 2026
You don't mention the brand Ted!

I bought a pair of North Face boots a while back and they're comfortable...until I get on any slippery surface when it's like being on skates. The rubber sole is hard rubber, just no give. Still wearing them but one day I'll crack my skull.
Oct 14, 2018 at 1932

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