Through a tunnel greenly

Swathes of ivy and other growth lay ahead. The tunnel under the railroad tracks went through it all. The decision to do something different had been made and I entered it.

Worldwide, you will find little patches of land that are rented for a small annual fee. Some countries call them Community Gardens, others Allotments. In England they are all over the place.

Near where I live, there are two. One is a large area with a lot of allotments and is more of a community. The other, smaller, is closest and probably is more representative of a typically English one.
This one is still unused. Fancy having an English allotment?

As you see, this is full of small gardens, mainly run by people who like to grow their own vegetables. Many are apartment dwellers, so do not have a back yard or enough land to do something on this scale.

Thought I'd do the images a bit different on this post. I used my smartphone
and processed them with a sepia effect to represent how old the allotments are.

Just go to any English town and ask where the allotments are.

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