Too much for me

The last few years has seen a plethora of travel blogs rise from the dust of social media and excessive use of mobile devices. It's a bit like a bubble and I wonder if it's about to burst, if that hasn't begun already. With TV channels spending inordinate amounts of money on travel programs, coupled with everyone and their mother running off to Venice, which is totally fed up with you people by the way, or the like. It seems mostly everyone is enamored with the box's latest place to head for, so off they go like Pavlov's dogs, tails wagging and dragging their wheely suitcases.
Over 25 million global travellers on the go out there! Saturation point on the horizon? Countries and towns grabbing at strings in hopes of filling their pockets. Too much for me.

My title says travel blog and more, so it looked like the "more" was going to be given a bit of a run. That turned into one big fiasco. I had thought doing something creative and putting together a super detailed scene with a short bit of track and old gold mine would do the trick.

Feb 24, 2018
I had a lot of stuff left over from years ago, but needed to source some newer items. The trouble is the old stuff all worked and was manufactured in North America, Japan or Europe, not England. 99% of what I bought here since December was appalling. Enough was enough, so everything has gone in the dumpster and that site zeroed out. I have better things to do.

Instead I'm out getting back in shape and putting some miles behind me, getting covered with mud on various trails and it is cold here.
Dec 16, 2017

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