Two odd figures

After a lot of humming and hawing, I decided to have my old Leica/Lumix fully redone. It's small, light and takes good shots, an overhaul will be worth it. After leaving the camera shop, I noticed something.

I was getting my bearings and saw the building with the two figures on. Always on the look out for something different, I crossed over and took a snap of the place.

Played around in Photoshop to enhance the statues.

They appear to be an 18th Century boy (wearing a frock coat) and a girl holding some sort of paper or booklet. I've since been informed that they are called the Bluecoat Girl and Boy. The building is called the Wren building. It was a chapel, then a school and now offices.

Normally I give the City of London (the financial district) a miss. There is a subtle, underlying sense of evil there—about the only way I can describe it. I've never been impressed by the place at all. However, the repair shop is in there, so had to go.

The camera is the first little FX10, which occasionally had the screen go black with a white corner to corner sort of line. The lens sticks in the cold, so it all needs a good seeing to.bgb2.jpgConsidering the good quality of images I get from it, I've decided to make it my main camera, instead of the later bridge one (FZ18). I save myself a pound or so in weight, it fits in my pocket easily and takes up a third the amount of room in my backpack. So dishing out a little over 110 UKP to get it up to spec will be worth it.

I will keep my FZ-18 because it is really good for wildlife shots. Good crisp shots at up to 33X zoom, if I do it right, can be obtained. This is essential for any photos of animals (especially those that take exception to me being there).
Apr 07, 2015

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