Water dropped and logged

It's nearly Christmas and since the end of September it has hardly stopped raining. Sometimes a bit of sun comes out even to the point of the whole day being mainly dry, but that has been the exception. Thinking about it, I reckon this is the wettest I have ever seen it here and am thankful the temperatures have stayed up, otherwise we would have around 3 feet of snow, there's been that much precipitation and this country grinds to a halt with half an inch of the white stuff.
I've not been getting much exercise lately, but today my toe didn't hurt much, so when the sun came out I headed for my nearby nature park to put a few miles behind me. The place was seriously wet. My camera was in it's pocket as normal and the idea entered my head to take some shots. The one thing which is not near are waterfalls. I think there is one that attempts to claim that title about 25 miles away, but it's more decorative than a true one. I knew there were some in the park which wouldn't even come close, but they could classify as water drops and I took a few photo's along with the waterlogged ground. I've never seen it as bad before. Oh yeah, we have had sudden rains which covered up the trails and pathways, but not like this.
Don't even want to think about walking there.

A lot of the footwork was me trying to keep the water under the top of my boots. One place I decide to walk on the side of the trail, but my foot started down deep and I pulled it back just in the nick of time. There must have been 6-8 inches of very watery mud and grass.
A lot of having to go through the water was a slow process, some places there was no choice at all, I just had to plod on and try to stay as dry as I could.
Normally I stop here and have a quiet mid walk sit, not this day I didn't. Look at it all!

After the water drop above, I figured I'd had enough and sploshed my way back to the rail platform. If it is all muddy and no water, my boots are caked with stuff, but this time they were clean as a whistle, just wet.

. . . . . . .

Roll on summer and the Basque Country again.
Dec 21, 2019

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