I only go out here now just to keep in shape.

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A town with a tree

tat2.jpg  I can only take so much of sitting around. It was a Wednesday morning. I needed...
Dec 05, 2017

Ophelia's sky

osky1.jpg  Not quite Trautschold's painting of a beauty dancing through the woods. No, this Ophelia swung by,...
Oct 16, 2017

Tall Ships Festival 2017

tsf0.jpg  Earlier this year, I heard that a Tall Ships festival was taking place in London's Greenwich,...
Oct 07, 2017

Haslemere Charter Fair

hcf1.jpg  Every two years, the town of Haslemere, England, holds a special fair, which has had it's...
Mar 01, 2016

Through a tunnel greenly

alo1.jpg  Swathes of ivy and other growth lay ahead. The tunnel under the railroad tracks went through...
Dec 01, 2015

Freedom to walk your path

mrt1.jpg  I can go out at any time of day or night for a trek. The freedom...
Feb 01, 2015

Not among the living

nal1.jpg  Graveyards are something we cannot escape. They range from small ones to large cemeteries. Sometimes you...
Oct 02, 2014

Harold Wood

hwd.jpg  It's supposed to be Spring. Last month, there was a weak attempt and then for some...
Apr 04, 2013

Ruined castle at Eynsford

eyn1.jpg  The ticket office at the station said I would have to pay about 10 pounds to...
Oct 25, 2012

Glasses shaped wood and rabbits

egh1.jpg  The pilot struggled to keep the damaged fighter airborne as the weather worsened. With the instruments...
Sep 03, 2012

5 English Countryside Trekking Tips

ctys1.jpg  All over the UK are footpaths, trails and some open country. Most of this is private...
Aug 25, 2012

Owl and Clock

oac1.jpg  Finding something unique in this town involved a bit of a hunt. Upon arrival, I sat...
Dec 01, 2011